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Pittsford Odyssey of the Mind Teams Prepare

Reported by: Ali Touhey
Thursday, Mar 19, 2009 @11:35am EST

Pittsford, NY--Dozens of Pittsford students are working hard to be someone they're not and loving every minute of it:

"It gives you another personality," says 11-year-old Shannon Grage. "You can do something you don't normally do."

They're rehearsing for an upcoming Odyssey of the Mind competition. And whether you're fifth grader Shannon Grage: "It was just really fun when I was younger watching my sisters perform so than I just said I'm going to do Odyssey of the mind when I get older."

Or 15 year old Celia Salisbury: "It's really fun it's a really good experience especially because we've gone so far so many times."

Fun remains constant. Although preparing for a competition also takes a lot of hard work.

"We've been having it everyday after school for 2-3 hours so it's a lot," adds Salisbury.

Teams are given requirements they must meet during an eight minute skit. They're judged on things like style and creativity.

Each team comes up with their own lines. Characters, costumes...Even storylines are also left up for each individual team to decide. Odyssey of the minds coordinator Susan Doran says that's part of the appeal.

"I think it's because they can make their own choices. No one's telling them how they have to do that. It gives them a little freedom."

The longer the team's been together and the more experience they have competing the better

"We all really have good ideas and we're all really good at it. And we're really good at working together."

Salisbury's Pittsford Mendon team has the title to prove it. They already have a third place world title...They're hoping for that and than some this time around.

The state competition is April 4th in Binghamton. Only the top two teams will advance to Worlds.

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