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SJHS takes top honors at 'Odyssey'

by Bill Shrum
This past weekend in Beebe, for the first time in State competition, students and members of the Stuttgart Junior High School team captured two first place awards at the Odyssey of the Minds competition.

Odyssey of the Minds is a creative problem-solving competition involving students from kindergarten through college working together as a team at length to solve predefined problem and present their solution to the problem at a competition.

"This has never been done by the same seven students," Marineal Porter, adviser and teacher, said. "They wrote both of the presentations."

The two presentations performed by the students at the competition were "Ranatra Fusca" and "All Over the Mississippi Flyway," Porter said.

The performance of the two selections is a story in itself," Porter said. "We had another presentation other than the Mississippi Flyway, but we had to scrap the one we had."

Porter said the students who write and perform throughout the competition chose the theme of the ducks for the new presentation and the presentation worked just fine.

"The students knew everything about duck hunting and it shows," Bonita Netherly, teacher and adviser, said. "They performed both presentations perfectly."

The students presented "Ranatra Fusca" which included a technical aspect with dinosaurs and a comet appearing in the sky and racing across it, Netherly said.

"The problem solving was the question of how the dinosaurs died," Netherly said. "The students replied; they died laughing."

"The students must also generate spontaneous answers to a problem they have never seen before," Porter said. "This is the spontaneous competition."

The members of the Stuttgart Junior High Odyssey of the Mind team are Hannah Mosley, Micah Minter, Taylen Jackson, Morgan Blake, Lawrence Chamberlain, Mackenzie Daugherty and Adelae Wehner.

Team teachers and advisers are Netherly and Porter.

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