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Odyssey will challenge students

2008-02-27 23:02:00

After months of practicing problem solving though creativity, area students will show what they've got.

Nearly 200 students from Yuma and La Paz counties will be competing in the Odyssey of the Mind Arizona Western Region competition on Saturday.

The event will take place at Woodard Junior High School, 2250 8th Ave., at 9 a.m. with registration starting at 8 a.m., said Deanna Venditelli, Southwest Arizona Regional Odyssey of the Mind representative.

For months students in grades kindergarten through high school have been devising solutions to one of five problems posed by Odyssey of the Mind.

The key for Odyssey of the Mind is that students not only need to solve the problem but also try to be the most creative and work as a team when coming up with solutions, a news release said.

The students are able to incorporate their own skills and interests which can include singing, playing instruments, skating, gymnastics or other skills.

Depending on their grade level, students will be asked to solve one of the following problems:

- Odyssey Road Rally - This problem combines two popular activities: road rallies and sporting events. Teams will design, build and operate an original vehicle that they will drive in a road rally with four checkpoints.

- DinoStories - What might have happened to the dinosaurs that existed so many years ago? In a humorous performance, teams will present their original theory of what caused the dinosaurs to become extinct.

- Classics ... The Wonderful Muses - In Greek mythology, muses were the source of inspiration for the creative works of artists and scientists. The team's problem is to create and present an original performance that includes one of the nine Greek muses.

- Tee Structure. The team's problem is to design and build a structure using only balsa wood and glue. The team will test the structure by having it support weights that are balanced on golf balls without touching anything else.

- The Eccentrics! - This problem requires teams to create and present a humorous performance about three eccentric characters who demonstrate odd behavior, peculiar mannerisms and unconventional dress.

For grades kindergarten through second, there will be Rude Awakenings. This problem requires teams to create and present a humorous performance that includes a character that keeps waking up in a different time and or place from where it fell asleep.

The teams also must perform well in a "spontaneous problem" where they solve a similar problem on the spot.

The teams that score in the top two places in each problem will move on to the state competition on April 5 in Tucson for a chance to take part in the World Finals, Venditelli said.

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