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Odyssey of the Mind State Finals at BU

By: Karen Lee

Thousands were on the Binghamton University campus to take part in the Odyssey of the Mind State Finals. Students from kindergarten through college competed in five problem solving activities. One involved building a wooden structure to hold weights.

"They can hold anywhere from like 40 to 50 pounds for the newer kids up through. We had one team that held 1,100 pounds of weight on a balsa wood structure that's only eight inches tall," said judge Jim Warlop.

Those who think Odyssey of the Mind is only for future scientists and engineers need to think again. A crucial part of the competition involves the dramatic arts as well.

The 2007 New York State Odyssey of the Mind Tournament was held in Binghamton. Many teams have been preparing since last year for Saturday's big event. News 10 Now's Karen Lee has more.

Teams need to create their own skits and costumes to illustrate their solution.

One group said they were working on their production since the end of October.

"Ryan wrote a skit that was his first draft. He just did it in like an hour. It stuck. It was the script that we wanted to go with, and then everything came from there because once we had the candy theme, we thought we might as well use candy for the signs and the backdrop," said Brighton High School freshman Aaron Vandyne.

Many said their biggest lesson was learning to work together in a group.

"We must work together at all times and accept others' ideas for the greater purpose in winning at states," said Holland Patent 7th grader Michael Linskey.

The winning team from here will head to the world competition in Michigan at the end of May.

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