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Meeting of the Minds

Reporter: Lauren Hall
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Kids from all across the state of West Virginia put their problem solving skills to the test today at the Odyssey of the Mind Competition.

"It's a creative problem solving competition- made up of 2 parts- long term problems that the students work on all year long and a spontaneous problem that they prepare for, and are given a separate problem here today," says Problem Captain Adrienne King.

The only local group competing consisted of five boys and two girls from Vienna Elementary.

Their problem explained the golden rule, treat others as you wish to be treated.

"We learned that you can't do everything by yourself, you're going to need people there for you," says Kennedy, one of the team members.
The kids have worked since October developing a play that explains and solves the first problem, to be performed in front of a group of volunteer judges.

But don't think that makes the kids nervous.

Really we just performed for people, really we just don't think of it as judges, we just think of it as moms and dads," says Stevie Cottrell.

And they were given another problem today, with only 30 minutes to solve it.

"It allows creative kids, there's so many kids that are creative, and the academic kids, and there are a lot of academic kids, but they're not always the same kids, and it makes them come together and realize they need each other," says Lisa Cottrell Schindler, the team coach.

"I think just to build teamwork, help them work on their creativity, their problem solving skills," says King.

Officials for the Odyssey program say it encourages creativity and teamwork, which are skills the kids can apply to their everyday lives.

The winners of today's event will go on to the Odyssey of the mind world competition to be held in Michigan this year.

The Vienna team came away with three first place wins and a second place.

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