Long-Term Problem Procedures
Problem 4 Tumble-wood

Before its scheduled competition time, the team or a team member must report to the weigh-in site with its structure and ramp where both will be checked for rule infractions. If time permits, the team may make corrections. After filling out the weigh-in checklist, the judge will seal, mark and store the structure and ramp in a team-supplied container or tournamentsupplied bag.

Approximately 20 minutes before its scheduled competition, a team member will pick up the structure and ramp, and then proceed to the competition site with the rest of the team and its coach. At the Staging Area, the judge will remove the weigh-in checklist and ask the team if judging for Style should continue after the structure breaks.

If an adult assistant is used in Division I or II, he or she must be identified in Staging and will remain with the team throughout its presentation. It must be apparent to the judges that when the adult is assisting in weigh placement that a team member is selecting the weights used and supporting at least 50% of each weight being handled.

Once time begins and the team is ready, it will release its structure down its ramp. After a successful attempt or three failed attempts, the team will move the structure to the tester base without touching it. The team will then place the structure over the safety pipe and begin weight placement.

The only people allowed inside the tester area during the presentation are the team members, judges, and adult assistants, if used. Style may take place at any time during the 8-minute competition time.

When the solution is completed, all wood from the structure must be placed in a bag and be returned to the weigh-in site by a designated judge in case any questions arise.

~ Dan Semenza, IPC