Long-Term Problem Procedures
Problem 4 Unhinged Structure

Before its scheduled competition time, the team or a team member must report to the weigh-in site, where the structure will be measured, weighed and checked for rule infractions. If time permits the team may make corrections of any infractions. After filling out the weigh-in checklist, a Weigh-in Judge will seal, mark and store the structure in a team-supplied container or paper bag supplied by the tournament director. Approximately 25 minutes before their scheduled competition time, a team member will pick up the structure and take it to the competition site and follow long term procedures.

The Staging Area Judge will remove the weigh-in checklist and the team will say whether Style will continue after the structure breaks.

Once competition begins and the team decides to test the structure, it will place it on the tester base in the unfolded position.

After verifying that the structure is in an unfolded position, a problem judge will instruct the team to continue. The team will then fold the structure and place it onto the tester base with the safety pipe running through it. Weight placement can begin.

If an adult assistant is used in Division I or II, he or she must be identified in the staging area and will remain with the team throughout the long-term solution. It must be apparent to the judges that a team member is supporting at least 50 percent of each weight being handled at all times.

The only people allowed inside the testing area during the long-term solution are the team members, judges and adult assistants, if used. Style may take place at any time during the 8-minute competition. When the long-term solution is completed, all wood from the crushed structure or the whole structure if it does not break, must be placed in a paper bag and returned to the weighin site by a designated judge. The structure may be inspected again at the weigh-in site.

~Dan Semenza, IPC