Long-Term Problem Procedures
Problem 2 As Good as Gold...berg

The competition site is a minimum of 10' x 15' but may be larger if space permits. Nothing can be placed on the competition site until time begins. Contact your local Tournament Director regarding such information such as whether lights can be dimmed, floor surfaces, etc. If space permits, teams may perform or place equipment outside of the 10' x 15' area. If a drop off exists beyond the site dimensions, a caution line may be taped 30" from the edge of the drop-off. This will serve as a warning not a boundary. The problemís cost limit is $145 (US). The existing item is exempt from cost unless it is used during the performance in some way to enhance the solution.

The demonstration of the team-created device must be viewable by the judges and audience. The team may make as many attempts as time allows to complete the demonstration of the team-created device. The device can be placed anywhere on the competition site once time begins.

~ Carol Biros, IPC