2010 - 2011 Fall Newsletter

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Current Clarificatons

Great Minds -- The Great Balsa Experimentt
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Spontaneous Problem Procedures
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Long-Term Problem Procedures

Congratulations to COU Scholarship Recipients!
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Where's Omer ?
Each year Omer travels around the world visiting Odyssey of the Mind tournaments and activities. Now, there will be people traveling from all over the world to visit him -- or at least a sculpture of him!

Below, you will see OMER resting in the smallest arena yet -- the eye of a needle. Artist and 2010 Odyssey of the Mind Creativity Award Winner Willard Wigan created the sculpture earlier this year and had it on exhibit during World Finals at Michigan State University.

Wigan was so inspired by Odyssey participants that he decided to include OMER in his newest endeavor. He will have OMER on exhibit along with his other amazing micro-sculptures at his new gallery.

The exhibit will be held from November 10 through December 3, 2010 in Miami, Florida. More information can be found at: www.wiganart.com/tour.

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