Long-Term Problem Procedures
Problem 2: Return to The Gift of Flight

    The Staging Area Judge will identify the official who will serve as the Flight Plan Judge and notify the team by ringing a bell when a Flight Plan has failed.

    The competition site is a minimum of 8'x22' but may be larger if space permits. A raised ceiling and indirect ventilation is recommended but is not guaranteed. A taped 4' square will be placed in the center of the site. This square is for the target for Drop something into a target and Touch down and take off flight plans. There will be a 5' taped Start and Finish Line 6' from the taped square. Please refer to Figure A in the problem for diagram. Nothing can be placed on the competition site until time begins.

    If space permits, teams may perform or place equipment outside of the 8'x22' area. If a drop off exists beyond the site dimensions, a caution line may be taped 30" from the edge of the drop-off. This will serve as a warning not a boundary.

    There are six specific Flight Plans and three different types of propulsion systems. The team may present the theme and style throughout the presentation.

~ Carol Biros
International Problem Captain