Long-Term Problem Procedures
Problem 1: Nature Trail'R

    The team must move its vehicle and camper so they are touching only the floor within the 4' x 6' Campground/Start Area. (The vehicle and Camper may touch each other). The team members return to the Staging Area. Once time begins, the vehicle and Camper will travel together around the Nature Trail. They will begin from inside the Campground, circle outside of the Nature Trail, and return to the Campground. The Camper will remain in the Campground where it will change appearance at some time during the performance. The vehicle will travel the Nature Trail and will encounter four circumstances that cannot be combined. The team may present the theme and style throughout the presentation. Tournament Directors will provide a 24' x 20' presentation area (larger if possible) with non-carpeted floors.

~ Wayne Kehrli
International Problem Captain