Long-Term Problem Procedures
Problem 2: Teach Yer Creature

   Teams will present all documentation to the Staging Area Judge, which includes three copies of a list as described in B9.

   The competition site is a minimum of 10' x 12' but may be larger if space permits. A taped line measuring 5' long will be placed on the floor in the center of the competition site. This tape will be used for the "Move" action by the Animal Creature. A taped "X" measuring approximately 12" long will be taped anywhere on the competition site by the Tournament Director.

   The team will place the Animal Creature on the "X" before time begins. Power cords or extensions of any kind may be attached to the AC after time begins. Once time begins, the team may move the Animal Creature anywhere on the competition site.

   There are no taped boundaries. If space allows, teams may perform or place equipment outside of the 10' x 12' area. Caution tape may be placed 30" from any drop-off area as a warning not a boundary.

   The cost limit for this problem is $145 (U.S.). Teams should be prepared to show proof of cost limit (receipts) at all levels of competition.

~ Carol Biros
International Problem Captain