2008 - 2009 Fall Newsletter

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Current Clarificatons

Great Minds -- Pavlov: Trainer or Trainee?
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Spontaneous Problem Procedures
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Long-Term Problem Procedures

Congratulations to COU Scholarship Recipients!
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OotM Website News
Be on the lookout for a totally revamped website in the coming months. There will be many new helpful and fun features including games, photo galleries, and tips and activities to enhance your creative problemsolving skills. Thanks in advance for your patience with this big creative project!

Where's Omer?
Each year Omer travels around the world visiting Odyssey of the Mind tournaments and activities. Here, he visits Odyssey's association in North Central Pennsylvania and has fun with teams at an Odyssey beach party.

If you'd like to share one of your pictures of Omer having fun at an Odyssey event email it to: pressroom@odysseyofthemind.com

2008-2009 Membership Application
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