Long-Term Problem Procedures
Problem 5: The Eccentrics!

When the team arrives in the Check-In Area the judge will ask the team to identify its three Eccentric Characters, Fad, Problem/Solution, and which Earth System used.

The judge will record this information on his/her staging area checklist (thus eliminating the "required information list" asked for in years past) and present it, along with all other required paperwork, to the long-term judges.

The competition site will be a minimum of 7' X 10' and will not be marked. If a drop off exists beyond the 7' X 10' dimensions, a caution line may be taped 30" from the edge of the drop off. This will serve as a warning not a boundary. If space permits, the team may perform and/or place equipment, props, etc. outside the 7'x10' space.

~ Sharlene Smith
International Problem Captain