Teams should report to the Check-in Area approximately 15 minutes before their scheduled competition time. They should have the required number of completed copies of their Style Form, Material Values Form, Outside Assistance Form, clarifications specific to the team's solution, and any other paperwork listed in the long-term problem, along with all items needed for their problem solution.

The Staging Area Judge will check for clarity and completion of all paperwork and pass it to the Timekeeper, who will distribute it to the Problem and Style Judges. The judge will then check all props for safety, the team members' foot coverings and the membership sign. The team will then be able to ask questions.

The Staging Area Judge will also explain the procedure for picking up the long-term raw score to the coach, who will be directed to sit in a designated area, if available. Once directed by the Staging Area Judge, the team members will have 3 minutes to remove their materials from the Check-In Area and proceed to the Staging Area (If areas are in a different place.), where they will be met by the Timekeeper. (Others may help move items into the Staging Area. After that, no one may assist the team in any way until the presentation is over.) Once time begins, the team must clear the Staging Area within the first 3 minutes of the performance time.

The Timekeeper will introduce the team to the audience, and ask that all cell phones and other electronic devices are turned off. The Timekeeper will announce if the team will allow flash photography and/or videotaping of its presentation. No one, including the Timekeeper, may read a description of the team's solution aloud. If the team wants it read, it must do so during its competition time. When the Timekeeper says, "Begin," the team has 8 minutes for setup, Style and the presentation of the problem solution. At the end of 8 minutes, judges will call "time," and the team must stop. An Overtime Penalty will be given if the team takes longer. In problems 2, 3, and 5 judges will stop the team after one minute of overtime.

When competition ends, the judges meet with all team members to ask questions or request demonstrations. The team may point out any special aspects of its solution. When dismissed by the judges, the team will quickly clear the competition site. It is the team's responsibility to bring cleanup materials, and to leave the competition area clean and dry for the next competing team. Others may help with clearing the site and cleanup.

Unless otherwise indicated, the Head Judge reviews with the coach the team's long-term raw score, including penalties, but not Style. Some sites post signs when scores are ready for review. After the score is reviewed, the coach has 30 minutes to return if additional concerns arise.