Long-Term Problem Procedures
Problem 2: Virtual Odyssey

Teams should include their lists as described in B10 with the other paperwork to be presented in the Check-In Area.

    The Staging Area Judge will provide a container that has inside dimensions of 18" x 18" x 24". A team member will demonstrate to the judge that the team's three required Small Pages are within the limitations of the problem as they appear after they change.

    The competition site is a minimum of 10' x 15' (3 m x 4.6m). This site will not be taped unless a drop-off exists beyond the designated area. A caution line will be marked 30" from the edge of the drop-off. This taped edge is only a warning line and is not a boundary.

    A three-prong electrical outlet will be available but teams should bring their own extension cords and adapter, if needed.

~ Carol Biros
International Problem Captain