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Problem 2: Tech Transfer

     Teams must give the Staging Area Judge its documents as listed above, plus the list as described in B,15. The Staging Area Judge will provide a measuring device for the team to demonstrate that its Raised Value Container is within the limitations of the problem. The team will then place its device and back-up device (if used) in the Operations Site to show that the items fit inside the taped area. The team must remove its backup device from the Operations Site when time begins.

     The competition site is a minimum of 20' x 22', with taped areas for the Operations Site, 8' x 8', and the A1 and A2 areas, 6' x 6' each. There will be an 8' taped line for the RVC boundary. If space permits, teams may perform and/or place equipment outside the 20' x 22' area.

~ Carol Biros
International Problem Captain

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