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Problem 1: Stunt Mobiles
he Stunt Mobiles do not have to fit within the area with the team's items. The Staging Area Judge will check the size of the team's Stunt Mobiles in another area. In most cases, this will be done by placing a box with inside dimensions of 7" x 15" x 11" over each Stunt Mobile.

    The competition site will be a minimum of 20’ x 24’ with five courses marked as shown in the problem (see General Clarification 1). Each course will have a balloon holder in place, complete with inflated balloon. The judge will provide the team with an extra balloon holder, with inflated balloon. If the team needs to use this, a team member must place it in the appropriate taped area.

    The team will attempt the five courses in sequence. The team may attempt a course any number of times; however, once a Stunt Mobile crosses the Start Line of the next course, the team may not attempt a prior course. Each Stunt Mobile may attempt up to three courses. The team will receive the highest score of all attempts on each course.

    At each Start Line, a judge will raise a green flag to indicate that a Stunt Mobile was entirely behind the line when released. If the judge raises a red flag, the Stunt Mobile was not behind the line, and the attempt is not eligible for score.

    The team may present its theme and Style at any time during its presentation. The team may call “Time” if it finishes before the end of the 8-minute time limit. If not, the Timekeeper will call “Time” at the end of 8 minutes, and the team must stop.

~Wayne Kehrli
International Problem Captain

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