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For Problems 1, 4, AND 5 ONLY
he team must place everything it will use, except costumes, and the Stunt Mobiles or structure and surfaces, in a 5' x 3' area with a height of 2 feet OR a 2' x 3' area with a height of 5 feet. The team may not use any items that do not fit within the area, including containers. If necessary and if time permits, the Judge will give the team an opportunity to adjust items to fit. The Judge will ask the team if it would like 2 minutes to begin assembling its items before its 8-minute competition begins. If so, the Timekeeper will say, “Begin assembly time” and, after 2 minutes, “Stop assembly time,” and the team must stop. If additional assembly is required, the team must do this during its 8-minute competition time.

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