Problem 2: Strategy Sphere
he Staging Area Judge will check that the team's devices are marked 1 and 2; count and measure the balls, and check that they are round; and measure the width and height of the team's hoop. The Staging Area Judge will check that there is a Bonus Ball with a star attached or, if not, have the team demonstrate how it will attach the star, then hand the team a set of 26 Attempt Cards.

   The competition site is a minimum of 18 x 18. The floor will be marked with 1 tape to designate foul lines A, B, C and D, the Free Throw lines and the Score Area lines. If space permits, teams may perform and/or place equipment outside the competition area. On the site, there will be one judge wearing a 1 and another judge wearing a 2, which represents Device 1 and Device 2. Before each launch, the team must hand an Attempt Card to the judge wearing the number of the device that will perform the launch. If a team does not give the judge an Attempt Card before a launch, it will be considered a practice launch and will not be scored.

   The Timekeeper will call time at the end of the 8 minutes and the team must stop. If the team's solution is completed before then, the team may signal the judges that it is finished.
-- Carol Biros
International Problem Captain
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