Problem 1: Envirover
n the Staging Area, the Staging Area Judge will ask the team to place its Envirover within the taped D.O.T. Garage area then examine the team's Product Prototype. The judge will check its size, planned operation, the floor contact points for potential floor damage, and safety hazards.

   The competition site is a minimum of 20' x 22' with a taped 4' x 6' D.O.T. Garage, 3' x 3' Trash Collection Site, and 3' x 3' Factory. The Envirover will leave the D.O.T Garage and attempt three round trip deliveries from the Trash Collection Site to the Factory. It will pick up trash items while in the Trash Collection Site and deliver them to the Factory. Before time ends, the Envirover will travel back to the D.O.T. Garage. The team will use the Trash delivered to the Factory to assemble five Final Product Samples based on its Product Idea and Product Prototype. The team will use the Prototype in a humorous “Sales Pitch” to sell the Final Product. The Timekeeper will call time at the end of 8 minutes and the team must stop. If the team finishes before then, it may signal the judges.
-- Wayne Kehrli
International Problem Captain
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