Internet Sites and Resources

Provided by NASA

Earth Science Educator-Student Activities and Simulations

These sites serve as centers of informational links. Some provide hands-on activities while others provide information regarding projects and other related organizations. For instance, one link provides information about air pressure, how it works and different experiments that can be conducted. Another is a web site for an online space education center. Resources range from expert links, assessment tools, books, CD Roms, lithographs, maps and more.



High-tech Fire Fighting

Technology’s progression has enhanced ways to identify the location and the severity of fires. The Altus II is a specially designed airplane that uses cameras, scanners and the Internet to collect and transmit helpful information to firefighters. This web site provides two lessons for the classroom per age group.



Exploring the Environment

This web site is beneficial for students as a tool to increase their knowledge and awareness of our ever-changing environment. Exploring the Environment provides activities that allow students to interact with other students via email and the Internet, as well as communicating with scientists about the variety of topics covered. Problem solving is a key goal of this NASA - supported program.



Remote Sensing Tutorial

            This tutorial is  extensive and comprehensive, covering all aspects of as it applies to history, geology, technology, space, human interest, vegetation and many more topics.  Quiz questions are provided throughout the lessons to check the students’ understanding of materials.