Past Long-Term Problems by name

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 Achilles' Heel 
 Alice in OMERland 
 Amusin' Cruisin' 
 Ancient Egypt 
 Around The World In 8 Minutes 
 ARTchitecture: The Musical 
 As Good as Gold...berg 
 Audio Guidance System 
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 Balancing Act 
 Balloonacy Cars 
 Bedtime Story 
 Better Safe Than Sorry 
 Big Top 
 Bridging the Gap 
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 Camouflaged Creation 
 Can You Dig It? 
 Candy Factory 
 Cause and Effect 
 Center Stage 
 Chain Reaction 
 The Chameleon 
 Chariots of Rescue 
 Column Structure 
 Compound Fracture 
 Crazy Columns 
 Create and Animate 
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 Decision Structure 
 Delayed Reaction 
 Discovered Treasures 
 Do More with Less 
 Double Trouble 
 Dream Vacation 
 Driver's Test  
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 Earth Trek 
 Earthquake Structure 
 The Eccentrics! 
 Ecology Dozer 
 The Email Must Go Through 
 Emotionally Speaking 
 Experiencing Technical Difficulties
 Extreme Mousemobiles 
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 Fabulous Fables 
 Fantastic Art 
 Featured Creature 
 Folk Tales 
 Food Court 
 Fooled Ya! 
 Friends of Nature 
 Full Circle 
 Furs, Fins and Feathers 
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 The Genie 
 Geographic Odyssey 
 Geometry Structure 
 Get The Message? 
 Gift of Flight  
 Give and Go 
 Go, Rocky, Go 
 Gone Fishing 
 Great Art Lives 
 Great Impressions 
 The Great Parade 
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 Happy Birthday 
 Heroic Proportions 
 Hi Tech, Smarty Pants 
 Hide and Peek 
 History: The Way It Was 
 Humor from Homer 
 Hybrid Relays 
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 I'm Only Thinking Of You! 
 Idiom Inspiration 
 The Iliad 
 Impact Structure 
 In Your Dreams 
 It's a Snap! 
 It's How We Rule  
 It's How You Look at It 
 It's Showtime 
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 The Jungle Bloke 
 Just In Time 
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 King Arthur 
 The Know-It-All 
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 The Large And Small Of It 
 LDSC, Spring Car 
 Le Tour Guide 
 Li'l Gourmet 
 Lose Your Marbles
 The Lost Labor of Heracles 
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 The Mail Must Go Through 
 Make Believe Zoo 
 Mannerly Moppets 
 Marvelous Mentor 
 Masquerade Party 
 Math Party 
 Me and My Shadow 
 Mechanical Golf 
 Meteor Busters 
 Miner's Helper 
 Mini Golf 
 Mini Terrain Vehicles 
 Moby Dick 
 Money Maker 
 Monsters Menacing Mankind 
 Morph Magic 
 Mother Goose 
 Mousemobile Relays 
 Music Maestro, Please 
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 Nature Trail'R 
 A New Twist 
 The Not-So-Haunted House 
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 The Old Man and the Sea Analogy 
 OMER to the Rescue  
 OMER's Buggy Lite 
 OMER's Earthly Adventures 
 Odd Pod Structure 
 Ody-SEE-ing Sounds 
 Odyssey Angels  
 Odyssey Invention 
 Odyssey Road Rally 
 Omitronic Humor 
 Ooh-Motional Vehicle 
 The Ostrich Factor 
 Out Of The Box Balsa 
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 Pageant Wagon 
 Pandora’s Box
 Pet Project 
 Pirates and the Queen's Treasure 
 Pit Stop 
 Poetic License 
 Put a Spin On It 
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 Return to The Gift of Flight 
 Rewind With Humor  
 Robby the Anti-Smoking Robot 
 Rude Awakenings 
 Runaway 'Train'
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 A Scene From Above 
 Scientific Safari 
 Seeing is Believing  
 Set It Free 
 The Seven Wonders of the World 
 Shock Waves 
 Shrinking Structure 
 Silent Movie
 Space Trek 
 The Stackable Structure  
 Straddle Structure 
 Strategy Sphere 
 Strategy Structure 
 Strike it Rich 
 Structures in Harmony 
 Stunt Mobiles 
 Super Collider 
 Superstructure II 
 Surprise Party 
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 Tag 'em 
 The Tall Tales of John Jivery 
 Tea Party 
 Teach Yer Creature 
 Tech Transfer 
 Tee Structure 
 The Time Capsule 
 Time Traveler 
 To Be or Not To Be 
 Top Sea-cret Discoveries 
 Torture Test 
 Treasure Hunters 
 Twinkle Trek 
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 Unbelievable Music 
 Unhinged Structure 
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 Wacky Weather Warning
 Weird Science  
 Which End is Up? 
 Wild Vibes 
 Windy Cool Rod 
 The Wonderful Muses 
 The World's First Art Festival  
 Wrecking Ball Structure 
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Ye' Gods 
 You Make the Call 
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