Elasti-Pumper 1999-2000
Divisions II, III & IV
Elasti-Pumper introduces a new and challenging power source for the Odyssey of the Mind vehicle problem. The team will design, build and drive a vehicle that is powered by elastic materials and an up-and-down pumping motion made by its driver. The vehicle will travel a course and return to its Start Area, where it will "pick up" a trailer. The vehicle will then make three "changing" journeys, one to each of three different areas, with trailer in tow. The team will change the appearance of the areas, using materials taken from the Elasti-Pumper and the trailer. The vehicle will then undergo a visual transformation of its own and embark on a final journey around the entire course. The team will incorporate its Elasti-Pumper and the visual changes into a thematic presentation that may encompass any subject, location, genre whatever! Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $100 USD.

Pest-aside 1999-2000
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Pesky animals are a constant annoyance to human life and getting them out of our way is a constant challenge to our human creativity. This problem incorporates technical and performance requirements as the teams will devise contraptions that perform events to ultimately catch or scare away a team-created pest. As can be expected, the pest strikes back. Teams will present their version of the pest's revenge, which includes an unusual twist where the revenge is foiled and the humans prevail in the end. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $125 USD.

Classics . . . King Arthur 1999-2000
Divisions I, II, III & IV
For many generations, people from many cultures have been fascinated by the legends of King Arthur. Although the actual existence of King Arthur has been, and still is, questioned by many, his legends continue to thrive. In this problem teams will present one of the legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table as popularly described. Then they will use their imagination to present their idea of how that legend evolved had King Arthur never existed. Teams will include a legendary character and an original, team-made tapestry, a coat of arms and a flag. For an added challenge, the team members must be able to wear and support all materials they plan to use in their presentation. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $100 USD.

Shrinking Structure 1999-2000
Divisions I, II, III & IV
This Odyssey of the Mind structure problem requires the team to design and build a structure of balsa wood that will hold as much weight as possible. However, here is the catch: After the structure has supported some weight it must "shrink" from a height of between 9" 10 inches to a height of 8-8" inches. The team will then continue to place weights until the structure is broken. The team will present and test its structure in a performance that has a theme related to the "shrinking" structure. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $75 USD.

The Genie 1999-2000
Divisions I & II
Imagine if magical Genies really did exist. Then, imagine that one day you met one and it granted you three wishes. It is hard to imagine what might happen if those wishes backfired. Remember the saying, "Be careful of what you wish for, because you just might get it?" Sometimes, what you expect to be good turns out to be not at all good. Teams solving The Genie will present a humorous performance about a person who finds a Genie that grants three wishes. However, nothing is as easy as it sounds: the Genie places restrictions on the wishes, one wish backfires, and another unintentionally affects an animal. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $100 USD.

Make Believe Zoo 1999-2000
Zoos are fun to visit but they're also places where we can learn a great deal about animals from faraway places. They serve as sanctuaries for endangered animals, too. Teams solving Make Believe Zoo will create five new animals and a habitat that allows them to thrive, then teach the audience about their animals. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $50 USD.