Amusin' Crusin' 1995-1996
Divisions I, II & III
This problem requires teams to design, build and drive a vehicle on two journeys that will take a driver(s) to see "attractions" that are part of a team-created theme. In addition to transporting the driver(s) past, through or as part of the attractions, the vehicle will perform required and team-created tasks. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $100 USD.

Odyssey Invention 1995-1996
Divisions II, III & IV
The team's problem is to apply methods used by industrial designers to design a new product or redesign an existing one that will assist a person with a physical disability to perform, or help perform, a task. The team will present a skit that includes the product and demonstrates its use, while incorporating humor into the performance. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $100 USD.

Classics . . . Great Impressions 1995-1996
Divisions I, II, III & IV
For this problem the team will select a drawing or painting by a French Impressionist artist and write a poem relating to it. The team will also select a poem by a famous author, create an original drawing or painting that relates to the poem, and present the poem and work of art. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $95 USD.

Crunch! 1995-1996
Divisions I, II, III & IV
This problem requires teams to design and build a structure of balsa wood and glue. The structure will be tested by balancing and supporting as much weight as possible while undergoing a series of billiard ball impacts. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $90 USD.

The Tall Tales of John Jivery 1995-1996
Divisions I & II
In this problem, the team is to create and present a humorous performance about an original tall tale. The tale will include a team-created hero or heroine that performs an incredible feat, a unique explanation of how something began or came to be, and a surprise for the audience. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $100 USD.

Better Safe Than Sorry! 1995-1996
For this non-competitive problem teams will create and perform a skit that presents three safety tips chosen from a given list, a team-created safety tip, and a team-made sign for each safety tip, a slogan for the team-created tip, a team-created humorous character that chooses to ignore one or more of the tips, and an explanation of why people should follow the tips. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $50 USD.