Just In Time 1988-1989
Divisions I, II & III
Design and produce a transportation system consisting of five battery-powered vehicles carrying costume parts to each teammate. Costume parts will arrive "just in time" to change the team's appearance. Vehicles will run in paths that will allow them to crash into one another if their movements are time incorrectly. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $75 USD.

Cause and Effect 1988-1989
Divisions II & III
Perform specific tasks by using the movement of a billiard or pool cue ball as the initial energy source:
1. Flip something over;
2. Cause the letters and to appear for a minimum of 3 seconds;
3. Pour 4 to 6 ounces of water into a container from another container holding a minimum of 24 ounces of water;
4. Set something free;
5. Turn on a light(s);
6. Break a balloon;
7. Activate or start something moving;
8. Create and complete four additional tasks of the team's choosing;
9. Give a signal showing the end of the cause and effect tasks.
Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $75 USD.

Classics . . . Ye' Gods 1988-1989
Divisions I, II, III & IV
Select one or more mythical characters from a given list and familiarize the audience with a myth(s) about them. Also present an advertising campaign relating to an imaginary or true product, service, tourist attraction or political candidate. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $75 USD.

Do More With Less 1988-1989
Divisions I, II & III
Design and construct a balsa wood and glue structure that will balance and support the greatest weight. Structure must measure 8 to 8" inches in height and may not exceed 15 grams in weight. The score will be determined by the pounds of weight supported per gram weight of the structure. Time limit: 8 min.
Fabulous Fables 1988-1989
Divisions I & II
Create a fable and perform the team's interpretation of how a moral(s) came into existence. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $50 USD.

Mannerly Moppets 1988-1989
Create a performance illustrating the need for a certain rule of etiquette. Time limit: 7 min. Cost limit: $35 USD.