OMER to the Rescue 1986-1987
Divisions I, II & III
The team will create a minimum of three live characters. These must be OMER, Sidekick, and a distressed person. OMER and Sidekick travel with a suitcase. They open their suitcases, which contain the parts to a vehicle. The vehicle will then be assembled. OMER and/or Sidekick will then leave on the vehicle and proceed to relieve a person in distress, stop a crime, rescue a lost kitten and do two good deeds of the team's choosing. The vehicle will be disassembled and replaced in the suitcases. Time limit: 10 min. Cost limit: $75 USD.

Classics . . . Poetic License 1986-1987
Divisions I, II & III
From a given list of poets and their specific works, the team is to create a parody, satire, or an allegory of the poem in poetic form. The team will make props, a background, etc. and perform the solution. One or more team members, either live or in puppet form, will portray the original poet, i.e. Browning, Longfellow, etc. This poet must read, recite or sing the original work. At some other time during the performance, a member of the team will read or recite the parody. The team will also prepare a playbill for the judges and the audience. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $50 USD.

Cro-Magnon 1986-1987
Divisions I & II
The team is to create a performance that takes place, at least in part, in a cave-like setting during our prehistoric past, such as the Paleolithic period. The team will show something that was discovered, invented, or made during our primitive past and give its interpretation of this event. This may be done seriously or humorously. Time limit: 7 min. Cost limit: $50 USD.

Chain Reaction 1986-1987
Divisions II & III
This is a non-linguistic problem. The problem is to use standard mousetraps to cause a chain reaction. The first mousetrap will be set off by a team member. When the first mousetrap is set off, it will then cause another and then another until fifty mousetraps have been released. During the chain reaction, the energy from a single mousetrap's spring will trigger other mousetraps that will then achieve eleven specific tasks such as breaking a balloon, raising a flag, etc. The team will also estimate the competition time needed from setting off the first mousetrap until the last task, the ringing of a bell, takes place. Time limit: 9 min. Cost limit: $50 USD.

Decision Structure 1986-1987
Divisions I, II & III
This is a non-linguistic problem. The problem is to design and construct a single balsa wood structure made of 1/8" x 1/8" strips of balsa wood and glue which will balance and support weights. It may range between 9" to 11" high. The higher the structure, the more bonus weight will be given. Weights will then be placed onto the structure, one at a time, until the structure breaks or the time limit expires. Time limit: 8 min.