LDSC, Leonardo daVinci Spring Car 1982-1983
Divisions II & III
Each team will design and construct an LDSC (Leonardo daVinci Spring Car). The springs are the only source of energy permitted to move the vehicle. The team members will drive the vehicle, which must be able to navigate a course and be able to stop and back up with a reasonable amount of precision. During its journey, it must also be changed from a 16th-century-design vehicle into a 1980's design vehicle.

Humor from Homer 1982-1983
Divisions I, II & III
Each team will select a scene from Homer's Odyssey, write a humorous version of the scene, and create background settings, props, puppets/robots, etc., and use them in the performance of their adaptation of a famous scene. The scenes will be chosen from (a) Odysseus and Calypso, (b) Odysseus and the Lotus-eaters, (c) Odysseus and the Cyclops Polyphemus, (d) Odysseus and Aeolus, (e) Odysseus' encounter with Circe and his descent into Hades, and (f) the Contest to String the Bow of Odysseus.

Pirates and the Queen's Treasure 1982-1983
Division I
Each team is a group of privateers trying to retrieve as much of the queen's lost treasure as possible. Of special importance is a necklace belonging to the queen. In a quest to retrieve the treasure, the team will encounter a band of pirates. The team has to create ways to retrieve the treasure and create ways to shoot the pirates.

Miner's Helper 1982-1983
Divisions I, II & III
Each team is a group of mining engineers. They will create, construct, and operate a Miner's Helper, which will travel along a path to an area where it will gather specific materials.

Wrecking Ball Structure 1982-1983
Divisions I, II & III
Each team will build a structure of balsa wood and glue. No laminations or strengthening is allowed. Each team will place weights on the structure until it breaks. One time per minute a judge will cause a direct hit to the structure with a wrecking ball. This procedure will continue until the structure is broken or time runs out.