The Omonauts 1981-1982
Divisions II & III
The team members are explorers from the planet Odyssey whose mission is to collect samples on Earth to bring to Odyssey for analysis. Each team will design and construct an electric Earth exploration vehicle, which is powered by a 12-volt automobile battery. The vehicle or devices attached to the vehicle collect the samples. The Omonauts may operate the collection devices only form the vehicle by a choice of energy, but not by using hand-held devices. Time limit: 8 min. Cost limit: $135 USD.

Monsters Menacing Mankind 1981-1982
Divisions I, II & III
Teams will create a Super Hero or Heroine, a Mankind Menacing Monster and, an Endangered Creature. Each team must rescue its Endangered Creature and capture their opponent's Endangered Creature. They may also shoot Velcro darts at the opposing character. Two teams play at once.

The Cruppets 1981-1982
Divisions I, II & III
Cruppets are creative puppets. From a given list of celebrities the team will select one and make a Cruppet depicting that celebrity. The other four Cruppets will be conceived and constructed by the team. The team will prepare an original script, background paintings, playbill, and title card.

Strike It Rich 1981-1982
Division I
The team is a group of gold prospectors. They are to "pan" for gold and then give the bags of "nuggets" to one person on the team called a "runner." The runner is blindfolded and it is up to the rest of the team to direct the runner safely along the trail to the "assayer's office" in the town. They may not speak to or touch the runner while giving directions. They are to develop an audio communications system to guide the runner.

Earthquake Structure 1981-1982
Divisions I, II & III
The team is to build a structure made of balsa wood and glue. No laminations or strengthening is allowed. Each team will place weights on the structure and cause intermittent vibrations (earthquakes) until the structure breaks.