Bucketball 1980-1981
Divisions I, II & III
Bucketball is a game where eleven tennis balls are removed from the team's bucket and put into a scoring bucket. Once the signal to play is given, no one may physically touch the team's bucket or any of the tennis balls. Each team member will have a 2-minute period to play. Each ball entering the scoring bucket will be worth (2) points; however, red bonus balls will be worth 10 points. One person from each team will play for 2 minutes, then a second person from each team will compete for a 2-minute period and so on.

Emotionally Speaking 1980-1981
Divisions I, II & III
Each team must select four of the following emotions: (a) adoration, (b) fear, (c) hate, (d) grief, (e) joy, (f) anxiety, (g) greed. In a 2-minute performance, they must depict one emotion visually (no sound may be used; however, they may use props), one emotion auditorally (with sound behind a screen; however, they cannot state the emotion being portrayed); one tactile (by touching only other team members or props), and one using a combination of either two or three of these methods. The methods may be used in any sequence.

Super Structure II 1980-1981
Divisions I, II & III
Each team will build a structure to support 15 pounds on one side, 25 pounds on an adjacent side, and as much weight as possible from the top. The structures are made of balsa wood and glue. No laminations are allowed.

Twinkle Trek 1980-1981
Division I
Teams of astronauts just landed on the planet "winkle. " They must collect specific colored samples from Twinkle's surface and place them in matching colored astro-containers for transport. Sounds are forbidden on Twinkle; therefore, the only means of communication is visual. Two members of each team are designated as "explorer" astronauts. The remaining three team members are designated as "mission control" astronauts. The team must develop visual signals that the mission control astronauts can use to guide the explorer astronauts to avoid crater hazards, and to gather Twinkle samples from the Twinkle pit and safely place them in their matching colored astro-containers.

Windy Cool Rod 1980-1981
Divisions II & III
Each team will design and build a "Windy Cool Rod." This will carry one member of the team as far and straight as possible. The energy used to propel Windy will be two typical 20-inch window fans. The team that travels the farthest distance receives the most points.