Wild Vibes 1979-1980
The team is to create musical instruments and play from a specific selection of tunes. The team will form a "band." (No previous musical ability is necessary.) The tune/tunes must be played for a minimum of one minute and a maximum of two minutes.

Go, Rocky, Go 1979-1980
The team is to design and build a device that will carry five pounds of granulated rock (i.e., sand, gravel, etc.) as far and straight as possible. The only energy input allowed to move the device is the same five pounds of sand. The sand is allowed to fall/move from a height of 2 feet. This is approximately 10 foot-pounds of force. (5 lbs. x 2 ft. = 10FP)

Superstructure 1979-1980

Gone Fishing 1979-1980
Design something to help your team catch fish. Different fish are worth different points. The easier fish are worth less and the more difficult fish are worth more. In a 3-minute period see how many points your team can score.

Robby, the Anti-Smoking Robot 1979-1980
Everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health and people should stop, or better yet, never start! Our friend Smokey is a 30-inches-high smoker and we want him to quit. We have talked to him time and time again, but to no avail. It's time for your team to create Robby, the anti-smoking robot. Robby Robot will travel a distance of approximately 6 feet, remove a cigarette from Smokey's mouth, place it in a can, pour an ounce of water on it, speak to Smokey, and travel another 6 feet to Robby's pad. (The quicker the better.)