Let’s see if we can help you solve your problem trying to login to the Members Area. If you are a current member and can’t log-in, one of the following might apply:

– “I renewed my membership online and can’t log-in!”
Online registrations are processed in one or two business days at approximately 6pm Eastern Time (US). Please try logging into the Members Area one or two business days after submitting your application.

–  “I get an error message that says ‘Membership number and zip code does not match’?”
Please check the zip code you are using. The zip code assigned to your membership is the one that was listed on the membership application. Zip codes range from a coach’s home addresses to business offices to the school buildings.

– “I’m getting an error message saying ‘Error: <number> is not a current Membership number'”
Odyssey of the Mind memberships are annual. Make sure your membership has been submitted or renewed. To start or to renew your membership, please click here and your membership application will be processed in one or two business days.

– “I am an international member, and I don’t have a zip code.”
Please try to use your postal code as the username. If this doesn’t work, or you don’t have a postal code, please use a SPACE(space bar once) to log-in.

– “I can’t log-in and don’t get any error message.”
Please make sure your browser’s cookies are enabled. This allows our website to save information on your computer that is required for you to be able to log-in.

– “I’m using the right codes but don’t see the clarifications my team submitted.”
The original log-in information is for all teams within your membership. Your team might have created its own log-in information (which it should do once in the Members Area). Check with your coach.

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