World Finals is more than a just a competition! It’s a chance to explore a University campus, make new friends from around the world, and to stretch your creativity problem-solving skills through all kinds of special activities and events. Be sure to share all the fun with your friends and family at home using #odysseywf!

Creativity Festival
Test your creativity and skill at the Odyssey of the Mind Association booths that offer various creative challenges. NASA will also be back with a fun and interactive booth. Also, visit the CCI pin exhibit for some Odyssey history, see the Ranatra Fusca trophy, and much more. For more information click the Creativity Festival Flier.

NASA Activities
NASA will be offering six different hands on activities at Michigan State University for 2019. Learn about the most up-to-date satellite technologies, how to become a citizen scientist, use kites for research and see Michigan’s lunar samples. Come join us at Science talks where NASA scientists and subject matter experts share their research. At the Creativity Festival, view satellite images of Earth and more! Register ahead of time (coming soon!) to reserve student spots for each of the classroom sessions.

Odyssey Angels
Meet the Odyssey Angels group selected to attend World Finals. You can watch as its members showcase their creative project and how it helped their community. They will be presenting the project during the Creativity Festival, showtimes will be posted there. Also at the Creativity Festival, learn more about this community service initiative at the Odyssey Angels booth. There is more information if you click on our Odyssey Angels Flier.

Float & Banner Parade
The Float & Banner Parade will be held on Thursday evening. All State, Provincial, and Country Associations, as well as other Unaffiliated State and Country Representatives, are encouraged to submit an entry. See teams from around the world express their creativity and pride for their association! Check out what is happening on campus here:  Evening Events.

Graduation / Coaches Competition
Support fellow participants at a special graduation ceremony held for those missing their graduations to be at World Finals. Dr. Sam, OMER, and this year’s Spirit Award winner will attend. Afterwards, stick around for the Coaches Competition. Cheer on coaches as they solve a problem written especially for them. The competition is their chance to show off all the creative ideas they’ve kept to themselves during the year, so it’s sure to be fun! Both events are held on Friday starting at 7:00 pm. Coaches’ and Officials’ Problem 

Pin Trading
Trading Odyssey of the Mind pins is a tradition that goes back more than 35 years. Millions of pins have been traded and thousands of friendships have been made during this time. No one ever thought that pin-trading would become as popular and widespread as it is today. Over the years, Odyssey of the Mind has strived to create an environment where people can trade pins without being disruptive to the competition. To keep pin-trading a positive experience for everyone, please read our pin trading rules.

MSU Campus and Greater Lansing
Explore MSU’s beautiful campus and all it has to offer! Teams have access to many recreational activities the University offers: swimming, bowling, basketball, and more! The Greater Lansing area also boasts many fun activities! Download a Lansing visitor’s brochure here. Learn more here.


See times/locations: Schedule of Events