“What is Odyssey of the Mind?”

Have you ever tried to answer this question? For a neighbor? Your grandma? Someone at work? Odyssey of the Mind is a lot of things…but easy to describe isn’t one of them. That’s what Garrett and Alyssa, two Odyssey alumni, hope to change.

15 years ago, they formed a team. Now they want to make a feature-length documentary to show the world what Odyssey of the Mind is all about.

During Odyssey of the Mind 2017 World Finals, they’ll launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for their project. Their plan is to follow a team through the school year but before that can happen they’ll need to reach their fundraising goal. This means asking for the support of the global Odyssey of the Mind community. So keep an eye out for that Kickstarter campaign and contribute if you’d love to see this dream become a reality.

Tell your neighbors, your grandma, your coworkers.
Tell everyone you know who’s ever asked or been asked, “What is Odyssey of the Mind?”

Would YOU like to be in a documentary
about Odyssey of the Mind?

Odyssey of the Mind inspires students across the globe to work together, face unique challenges and think outside the box. Now it’s your turn to INSPIRE our filmmakers. This fall, they’ll set out to follow a team, documenting the creative problem-solving process for all the world to see. From initial brainstorms to competition, Garrett and Alyssa want to know…

  • How does your team work?
  • How do you generate ideas?
  • And why would you like to be featured in a full-length documentary about Odyssey of the Mind?

To be considered, please respond to the following prompts.

  1. What division is your team and what problem will you likely be doing next year?
  2. How many members will your team have? What are their names?
  3. Where do you live?
  4. Has your team worked together before? Explain your background with Odyssey of the Mind.
  5. How often do you meet and where? Does that change throughout the school year?
  6. Walk them through your average practice.
  7. Let them know why they should select your team. You can do it in the form of an essay, a video, a recording of one of your practices, a song…however you want! BE CREATIVE!

They also need to know that your coaches, parents and guardians are okay with you being up on the big screen. An appearance release (see links below) will be required for each team member and coach at the time of your submission.


Please send submissions
to OotMDoc@gmail.com
no later than July 31st, 2017.

For additional information you can
connect with this project by Facebook or Twitter.

This project will be funded exclusively via Kickstarter, meaning there’s always a chance they won’t reach their fundraising goal. Unfortunately, if that’s the case, this documentary may not be made.