“Balsa Limbo”

Division I, II, III & IV

  1. September 30, 2019
    C12 – Limbo bar: The limbo bar will have an internal width of eighteen inches (18″). The structure must pass under the limbo bar in one orientation. That is, it cannot be manipulated in any way as it is moved under the limbo bar.
  2. October 7, 2019
    B6b – Additional material:
    The additional material used to connect the balsa wood should be a permanent part of the structure, present and connected in both limbo and weight placement forms, and is included in the structure’s total weight.
  3. October 7, 2019
    C3: Teams should bring their structures to Weigh-In to be weighed and measured in weight-placement form. After confirming that the structure meets problem requirements, weigh-in judges will then ask the team to adjust the structure into its limbo form.
  4. October 7, 2019
    C5: After completing weigh-in, the structure must be in its weight-placement form when placed into the bag/container provided by the Weigh-In judges. Teams are not allowed to adjust their structures into limbo mode until performance time begins.
  5. October 8, 2019
    Page 48 of the Program Guide, Assigned Value Items: Number (7) 3-D Printed Items shows .50 cents per hour of printing time. This is a misprint. The assigned value of the cost of 3-D printed items is 50 cents per hour or $0.50 (US).
  6. November 8, 2019
    B15 – The weights: The team must use only the weights and tester supplied by the tournament director. These can only be used in the normal process of placing weights; for example, the weights cannot be used for style, the tester cannot be decorated, etc.
  7. November 13, 2019
    C12 – The limbo bar: The tournament director will provide a table and limbo bar for the structure’s limbo testing. Once the team completes the limbo portion in the performance, the officials will remove the setup.
  8. December 4, 2019
    Program Guide p37 (reminder) – Program Rules (8): 
    Nudity, profanity, vulgarity, violent acts, and ethnic/racial slurs are not permitted. This includes the inappropriate use of potentially offensive words or actions. Teams may simulate violent acts during a performance only. Judges have discretion to determine additional situations, portrayals, or behaviors that may be deemed inappropriate for an Odyssey of the Mind performance and they may issue an Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalty, as detailed on p44 of the Program Guide. If the prohibited behavior or portrayal is recurrent, judges may stop a team’s performance.
  9. February 11, 2020
    Guidelines for the Balsa Limbo Bar are now available for teams and officials. Actual construction of the bar may vary between tournaments but these guidelines will be consistent. This document was updated on Feb 11, removing the second limbo bar at the 1/2″ height. There is now only a single limbo bar, set at the team’s chosen height.
  10. February 11, 2020
    C3 – Must not be able to pass under a 1/2″ bar:
    The test of the structure to verify the minimum height of 1/2 inch in limbo form will take place during Weigh-In, not during the performance time.

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