Clarifications for Problem No. 3

Classics… Leonardo’s Workshop”

Division I, II, III & IV

  1. October 3, 2018
    B8c – The recreation of an LDV painting: The unconventional mediums used to create the likeness of LDV’s painting may produce an uneven, textured surface. However, the recreation must physically appear to be 2-dimensional to the officials and audience from any orientation during the performance.
  2. October 30, 2018
    B6 – The LDV Character: Must be portrayed as the actual historical person, Leonardo da Vinci. The character’s appearance is intended to look like the actual historical figure Leonardo Da Vinci.
  3. October 30, 2018
    B8c – The recreation of an LDV painting: There are a great deal of paintings attributed all or in part to Leonardo da Vinci. In fact, there are only a relatively few known works of his. Among the many paintings attributed to Leonardo da Vinci are some that are collaborations where other artists are responsible for much of the work and design, and there are many that Leonardo had no hand in creating. We recognize that different sources produce different information so we are providing a list of acceptable paintings to be recreated for score in D6. Please select on of the paintings by LDV from this list.
  4. October 30, 2018
    B8d&e – LDV works: These are not limited to the list of paintings. They may be any design, drawing, sketch, etc attributed to LDV. Please provide documentation for your selection and submit it with your list. This will help keep the competition schedule on time and verify your selection as an LDV work.
  5. December 19, 2018
    F1 – Creative use of a material used in the workshop setting: The material must be a single item but the team is allowed to have many of the same item. These may vary in color and proportion but must be the same in construction and appearance when selected by the team.
  6. January 16, 2019
    Program Guide, p 48 – Assigned value items (7): 3-D Printed Items should be valued at $0.50 per hour of printing time.

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