2017 Problem 2 Clarifications


Divisions I, II & III

  1. October 31, 2016
    B7 – The Odd-a-Bot: Only one Odd-a-Bot will be considered when scoring D4-8. The team is allowed to remove components or to replace broken parts with the same type and size part. For example, if an Odd-a-Bot has an “arm” that breaks the team may repair that arm or replace it with one that is the same general size and shape. Additionally, the Odd-a-Bot may be manipulated (such as a team member throwing a switch) to allow it to function differently as long as nothing is added or replaced that changes the way it is engineered to operate. The team may add items such as a broom or drum sticks that allow the Odd-a-Bot to complete required actions as stated in B9b.
  2. December 13, 2016
    B6b & The Spirit of the Problem – The Family: The separate characters representing two or more generations of a family must be portrayed as being either biologically related (e.g. parent/child) or legally related (e.g. parent/adopted child, grandparent/step-grandchild). Creatively grouping individuals and labeling them as a family (such as a sports team, group of artists, etc.) or presenting groups that self-identify as a family does not meet the limitations or the Spirit of the Problem.
  3. January 4, 2017
    B7a -Use of kits for the team created Odd-a-Bot: Assembling and using a complete kit or portion of a kit that functions as designed is not considered being made by the team. Adding items such as decorations that do not alter the way the assembled kit functions does not qualify it as being an Odd-a-Bot that is made by the team. However, kits and kit parts may be used as part of the Odd-a-Bot as long as the way they are assembled and function is the teams’ idea and is different from the way the kit was designed be assembled and to function.
  4. January 4, 2017
    Program guide, page 47, Itemizing materials, regarding the cost of kits: Kit parts used other than how they are designed to be used in the final assembled item (assembled kit object) should be at garage sale pricing. If the only way to acquire a specific commercially produced item, used as designed to be used, is within a kit then the current cost of the kit applies. If the item can be acquired individually the cost of the individual item applies even if the team acquired it in a kit.

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