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Getting to Campus

ISU Information
Ames and Iowa State University look forward to hosting us for the Odyssey of the Mind 2009 World Finals!

Ames, Iowa
Is centrally located in both the Midwest and Iowa. Located just 40 minutes south of Ames, the Des Moines International Airport is served by several commercial airlines. Ames offers an array of cultural and entertainment options. The average temperature is 70 degrees. Evenings are generally cool--daytime, balmy! Jackets and umbrellas are advisable.
| Ames Convention & Visitors Bureau website |

Useful information provided by Iowa Odyssey of the Mind
Odyssey of the Mind Iowa Association created a helpful website for anyone attending World Finals. You can find the answers to many questions about Ames, Iowa. It lists travel information including airports and trains, car rentals, driving directions and hotel information. You can also find places to eat, places to buy supplies, and fun things to do in the area. Plus, there is lots of other "insider information" to make your stay as easy as possible.
| Iowa Odyssey of the Mind website |

  • Pack props in cases or cartons. All cartons that are shipped must fit through a standard doorway of 32" wide x 72" tall and must be less than 8' long. Fill out the enclosed shipping label completely and attach the label securely to each case or carton. Copy the shipping label as necessary. DO NOT PUT PROPS MADE FOR MORE THAN ONE PROBLEM IN THE SAME CASE OR CARTON. If you are shipping more than one piece, mark each box Box 1 of 4, Box 2 of 4, etc., clearly labeled with the enclosed shipping label affixed. Be sure to complete all information on the label. All materials shipped must be clearly marked with the team's membership name and number, address, daytime phone number, problem name and division and shipped to the address provided on the shipping label. Props will be accepted beginning May 1. You are encouraged to ship early to have packages arrive by May 21.
    After May 1, you can check ISU's Distribution Services Web Site to see if your shipment has been received. The Web site address is: http://www.fpm.iastate.edu/odyssey2009/.
| Props/Shipping Label |

Car Rentals
  Car rentals provided by Budget. www.budget.com.

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