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Meet some of the world's greatest thinkers, past and present. Ranging from the celebrated to the guy or gal next door, these individuals were risk-takers whose ideas often strayed from the norm. Sometimes their ideas were successful, sometimes not, but they were always unique!

Meet Dr. Sam Micklus, Professor Emeritus at Rowan University of New Jersey (formerly Glassboro State College) where he taught technology from 1968 to 1991.
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Many creative achievements are born out of passion. Marv Creamer's passion for sailing led him to risk safety, security and even sanity to satisfy his life-long desire of sailing around the world. But Marv didn't just sail around the world like any modern sailor; he did so without the use of navigational instruments!
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His invention of Velcro was inspired by a persistent nuisance of nature.
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Working independently, Bill Robes and Frederick Morrison created a simple toy that's brought hours of fun for kids and adults everywhere -- and it's based on a pie tin!
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Do you know someone who's a creative thinker? We'd like to tell the world about them right here on our site. Tell us a story about what they did, and send it to us at

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