Problem Clarifications for

Problem No. 4
Clarifications as of Dec-01, 2017

 1.  B7c - Cross section of balsa wood used in the structure: As indicated in the problem, commercial cuts vary. The cross sections are 1/8" x 1/8" (0.32 cm x 0.32 cm) with a maximum allowance of either dimension of 0.135" (0.33 cm). In addition to the variance for the maximum dimensions are minimum dimensions. The minimum dimension is 0.115" or 0.31cm x 0.31cm in one or both dimensions. Any piece that does not have a cross section between 0.31cm x 0.31cm to 0.33cm x 0.33cm will be considered a prohibited piece.

 2.  B7c - Cross section of balsa wood: The requirement of 1/8" x 1/8" cross section allows for manufacturing variations in commercially cut balsa sticks. Teams are not allowed to deliberately reduce the cross section below 1/8" x 1/8" across any length for any purpose other than joining pieces of wood where they intersect. If, after a team has completed weigh-in, its structure is overweight and time permits, the team may alter sticks to meet the 15 gram weight requirement [B6b]. Final interpretation of intent and compliance is at the discretion of the tournament weigh-in officials and/or problem captain.