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Problem Clarifications for
Something Fishy
Problem No. 2
Division I, II, III & IV
Clarifications as of Nov-10, 2015

 1.  C1 & Figure A - Site setup: The 10 x 15 dimensions are the minimum competition site dimensions. The Fishing Pier area is a minimum of 3 feet wide and will be greater if the site allows. Fishing Zone 3 is a minimum of 2 feet wide and will be greater if the site allows. (See diagram where these dimensions are emphasized.) The boundaries of the Fishing Pier and Fishing Zone 3 that form the outside dimension of the competition site will not be marked.

 2.  B8 - The three required catches: Team members are not allowed to be any of the three required catches. Refer to B7e(4) for team member involvement.

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Current members can submit questions using the membership number and the school's zip code. Please remember the cutoff date is February 15th, 2016. No questions will be answered if received after that date. However, it is possible that we will post general clarifications after that date. Be sure to check clarifications up until the date of your competition.

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