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Problem Clarifications for
Something Fishy
Problem No. 2
Division I, II, III & IV
Clarifications as of May-20, 2016

World Finals Only
 1.  Division III - While in the Staging Area two microphones will be placed on team members, backdrops, or a combination for the team's performance. This will help the audience and judges hear the performance. An official will assist the team and, if the team wishes, will help the team decide where to place the microphones.

General Clarifications
 1.  C1 & Figure A - Site setup: The 10 x 15 dimensions are the minimum competition site dimensions. The Fishing Pier area is a minimum of 3 feet wide and will be greater if the site allows. Fishing Zone 3 is a minimum of 2 feet wide and will be greater if the site allows. (See diagram where these dimensions are emphasized.) The boundaries of the Fishing Pier and Fishing Zone 3 that form the outside dimension of the competition site will not be marked.

 2.  B8 - The three required catches: Team members are not allowed to be any of the three required catches. Refer to B7e(4) for team member involvement.

 3.  D4, 5, & 6 - Fishing Method components: Everything used by The Fisher Character and any assistants to make and retrieve a catch to the Pier Area will be considered part of the Technical Fishing Methods scored in D4, D5 and D6.

 4.  B8d "Not allowed to be caught at the same time": When a catch is hooked the device is considered triggered and only the Fishing Method is allowed to touch the catch until it is successfully retrieved. Once a device used in a Fishing Method is triggered the catch must either be retrieved to the Fishing Pier or the attempt stopped by the team before another catch is triggered. Starting another catch is considered stopping an ongoing catch.

 5.  B9 - Allowed Weather: Weather is the physical outdoor environment of a setting. In the context of the solution it must be presented as having characteristics of real states of weather in outdoor surroundings such as temperature, wetness, air pressure, cloudiness, moisture/humidity, wind, etc. For example wind blows and raindrops fall. These are examples of weather and impact everything that is exposed to it.

 6.  B8e - On the move: To be on the move the entire catch must be moving. It does not need to be traveling from one place on the competition site to another but it must be in motion. For example, a top spinning in place is considered moving but a stationary object with a single moving part will not qualify as a catch being on the move.

 7.  B8e & B8f - What may contact a Required Catch and when: Team members are only allowed to help the required catches move until the catch is ready to be caught. Team members may not help propel or guide a catch while it becomes engaged to the device used in the Fishing Method or during its retrieval. Anything else that is touching a required catch before the catching process begins is not allowed to touch it during its retrieval. If the catch is sitting on, connected to, or touching something in any way when it is on the move it must be disconnected before it is retrieved beyond its Fishing Zone. If not, it will be considered part of the catch and must meet all the requirements to be eligible for score for that attempt.

 8.  B7e Making a Catch: As long as a required catch is moving in a Fishing Zone when the device and catch come in contact with each other, and it is retrieved by the Fisher Character while in the Pier Area, that catch is allowed. Any team members assisting the catching process must also be within the Pier Area. This clarification takes precedence over any more restrictive clarifications concerning the location and operation of the Fishing Device.

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Please remember the cutoff date is February 15th, 2016. No questions will be answered if received after that date.
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